Hingst plag WF Van Gogh

Hingst født den 16-7-2017
Han er Bay Tobiano

Father :   Commander by Natwest ( Paleface x Panda mare) out of Pepper ( Bob The Blagdon (The Lob) x Mariah (Old Horse x Hairy Mary by Roadsweeper)

Mother:    Priceless by The Showstopper by PAs Blue Horse by Bullseye ( out of Red&white mare by Old Horse of Wales by Bob) out of PAs Mini Mare by Toyboy Out of WF Princess by The Midget (Old Horse of Wales) out of Mari ( SD Chief x Mariah both by Old Horse of Wales)

Van Goghs smukk øjne

Hr Holm og to skønne hingste plage Diamond 9 måneder og Van Gogh 18 måneder
hingste leg 

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